Hi, I'm Arthur Charles Edwards. I'm a Visual Web Designer, Front-End Enthusiast and Quasi-Sneakerhead. This portfolio showcases 7 years of my professional work.

Billing and Payment

A fully responsive application utilizing a custom design system.

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Cost Compare Tool

An application to compare medical cost In your Network. A fun application introducing new patterns, sticky navs and new card designs in the Florida Blue Brand

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Internal Application Design

An application built to promote collaboration.

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I'm excited to share my accomplishments with you.

In my career I've worked on responsive web applications, motion media and design systems. Growth in visual design and art direction are some of my professional goals.

I'm really fortunate to have worked with these clients:

Art Direction

Multidisciplinary case study.

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Design System and Workflow

Creating components and patterns for a corporate web brand.

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Corporate Landing Page

New and Inspirational web design for insurance members.

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