Billing and Payment


Responsive Web Design


Design a consistent experience that allows the user to pay their billing statements. This experience should inform the user of other payment options and helpful features to enhance their experience.


Most people associate old and outdated designs for an insurance company. A key anchor for this process was developing consistent patterns for the user. It not only lets the insurance member realize where they are in the flow but also lets them know what they can expect in the next step to complete their payment.

I worked with my manager, Eric Crawford; Ashli Thomas, Pankaj Bhagwat and a team of developers to create the applications.

My Role: Visual Web Designer & Interaction Designer

1 Wireframes By - Pankaj Bhagwat
2 UI Elements
3 Visual Design | By - Arthur Charles Edwards

Inside The Design Patterns

The review payment design is a good snapshot of this project. After a user queus up their method of payment and payment amount they arrive at this screen. This is emphasized by the green border around the payment summaries.

Each card in this design displays a careful heiarchy of the users path to paying their bill. The light grey bar is a subtle design decision that seperate the partial payments and hightlights confirmation codes after the bill is paid.

1 of 2 Native iOS Visual Design
2 of 2 Native iOS Visual Design