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Pricing Web Application


The Cost-Quality Transparency Tool or CQT is a application that breaks down medical costs for insurance members. Members need the ability to search for a procedure based on name and or medical code. Finally the need to be able to see the break down of the cost and how it may affect their health benefits.
Find a user-friendly design and interaction that allows the user to compare costs; while still allowing them the ability to view the cost, steps in procedure and location where the medical treatment will take place.


Build a design that allows the user to see the comparison of their search. The final design was a blend of traditional scrolling medical facilities and a fixed search bar at the top of the browser. This allows the user to see the procedure name, steps, and other functionality while building their comparison.

I worked with my manager, Eric Crawford on the web standards. I Pankaj Bhagwat and a team of developers to create the applications.

My Role: Visual Web Designer & Interaction Designer

The insurance member has selected two facilities.