Compare Cost Tools


Pricing Web Application


The Cost-Quality Transparency Tool or CQT is a application that breaks down medical costs for insurance members. Find a user-friendly design and interaction that allows the user to compare costs; while still allowing them the ability to view the cost, steps in procedure and location where the medical treatment will take place.


Build a design that allows the user to see the comparison of their search. The final design was a blend of traditional scrolling medical facilities and a fixed search bar at the top of the browser. This allows the user to see the procedure name, steps, and other functionality while building their comparison.

I worked with my manager, Eric Crawford on the web standards, Pankaj Bhagwat and a team of developers to create the applications.

My Role: Visual Web Designer & Interaction Designer

1 Wireframes | By - Pankaj Bhagwat
2 UI Elements
3 Visual Design | By - Arthur Charles Edwards